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Best Dental Podcasts Of 2022

Podcasts are very popular with dentists and DSO owners looking to take their dental companies to the next level for getting advice and industry knowledge.  As they increasingly become an indespensible source of information for practice owners,  we decided to compile a list of our twenty top podcast picks for 2022. These productions feature some of the industry's top leaders and entrepreneurs who have helped dental companies find success worldwide. 

Ready to tap into the next level of marketing and patient care?  Want to know more about the latest trends that will bring more business to your practice?  Plug in your earbuds and start listening to the following podcasts to get started!

Adit Dental Resources

Need to improve your digital marketing strategy or learn more about how automation makes dental companies more profitable?  Adit’s Dental Podcast highlights some of the latest marketing tools,  campaign trends,  and more for dentists and practice owners trying to make their mark in the industry.  Adit CEO Ali Jhaver and VP of Sales Fahad Shahimi share critical insights that can help you maximize your company's profitability and build your brand by improving patient experiences through practice management software solutions. 

DentalTechup Podcast

Hosted by Dr.  Aaron DeForest,  DDS,  the creator of DentalTechup Podcast,  you will be taken on a journey every episode and get the latest news on innovative dental tech,  3-D scanning tools,  and state-of-the-art cloud-based dental software.  You can also enjoy interviews he conducts with leading dental professionals and learns how they survived the pitfalls of starting a company and found success.

Thriving Dentist Show

Looking for a dental podcast that covers global dentistry challenges?  Then The Thriving Dentist Show is what you need to be listening to!  Currently carrying a listener base spread across over 150 countries,  Dr.  Gary Takacs helps millions of dentists and practice owners create the financially independent and profitable companies they desire while maintaining top-notch patient experiences.  You'll learn about every aspect of running a dental company,  from hard-learned lessons to marketing tips and more!

Dentalpreneur Podcast

Tap into the minds of some of the most well-known dental professionals in the industry in this podcast.  Dr.  Mark Costes is your host and has extensive experience as a practitioner and management coach for practices around the United States.  Not only will you receive invaluable guidance to achieve your practice's full potential,  but The Dentalpreneur Podcast helps you find that work-life balance that many dentists fail to prioritize.

Dental Sherpas

Follow Dr.  Ced Lewis and wealth coach Matt Kennedy as they guide you through the process of discovering the financial freedom you can achieve with your dental business.  The Dental Sherpas podcast covers all the challenges and successes you could experience on your journey and impart their vast knowledge and industry savviness to help you create a strategy that gets you there. 

Dental Hacks Podcast

Despite this podcast focusing on clinical dentistry,  the covered topics are handy!  Learn how to ask patients for reviews and get a better understanding of how practice management can boost your current business model.  Every week's episode gives you an informative overview of the latest happenings in the dental industry.  In addition,  its Brain Trust panel will remind you how we're all in this together when it comes to finding success.

Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast

This newer podcast features Dr.  Peter Boulden and Dr.  Craig Spodak,  experienced practitioners and knowledgeable consultants who offer sound practice management advice.  Learn about a wide range of topics to help your operations run more smoothly.  From avoiding common tax mistakes to creating a team huddle before your doors open for the day,  this show has a new take on the daily tasks dental professionals face.

Dental BossLady Leadership Academy Podcast

Female dental professionals face their own unique challenges as dentists and practice owners.  This Canadian dental podcast,  led by Dr.  Terri Pukanich,  is one of a few shows that focus on providing women with online resources around the globe that improves profitability and work-life balance.

Life And Dentistry Podcast

If you are fresh out of college or trying to get your startup off the ground,  Life and Dentistry,  a brand new podcast from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry,  is a must-listen.  Hosted by five dental students who are moving into the next stage of their careers,  they share their journey each week.  If you're in a similar situation,  then this show can provide you with a relatable perspective,  bringing you real stories about others currently facing the same challenges while starting their dental careers.

A Tale Of Two Hygienists Podcast

This really remarkable dental cleanliness show ought to be close to the highest point of your playlist! Facilitated by two hygienists, Michelle and Andrew, you will find out with regards to the most recent dental methods and apparatuses accessible to assist you with sharpening your abilities. Like you, they are continually searching for ways of further developing their administrations and meeting industry specialists who share priceless counsel and bits of knowledge.

Tireless Dentist

Facilitated by Dr. Dave, the Relentless Dentist assists dental specialists with enjoying yourself make consistently their best yet. As a confirmed initiative mentor and prime supporter of the Dental Success Network, he centers around assisting dental specialists and practice proprietors with developing their organizations. Yet, significantly more critically, he shares ways of incorporating greater happiness into their professions and lessen work pressure with audience members.

The Savvy Dentist

Regardless of where you are found all around the world, the Australian digital broadcast, The Savvy Dentist, offers audience members instructive meetings with business people, dental experts, and even competitors! You will find better approaches to support your DSOs productivity and patient encounters with shared examples of overcoming adversity, business approaches, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

The Dental Marketer

One more incredible webcast situated in the UK is Welcome to The Dental Marketer Podcast. This show centers around assisting dental specialists with loving yourself find solutions to significant dental showcasing questions. To dive more deeply into the stray pieces of computerized advertising, this is an ideal show for you. Each time you tune in, you'll feel enlivened and spurred to take your training to a higher level.

Dentistry Uncensored

The author of Dentaltown, Howard Farran, has the wide-running dental webcast called Dentistry Uncensored. From enlightening meetings with business specialists to figuring out how information examination can reshape each part of your training, this long-running show as of now has north of 700 episodes to jump into. With over 30+ years as a dental industry proficient, Dr. Farran keeps the show fascinating with agreeable exchange and sagacious insight about running a dental office.

Fire UP Uncensored

Do you incline toward webcasts that discussion about the general mishmash of the dental business? This show shows the brazen truth about beginning a dental practice without any preparation. New episodes of Start UP Uncensored are delivered each week and give informed suppositions and meetings that keep you grounded in the truth of claiming a dental organization.

The Dentist Money Show

Dental specialist Advisors CEO Reese Harper shares fundamental tips and deceives to assist dental business visionaries with accomplishing productivity and manageability for their practices. From contributing counsel to decreasing duty liabilities and then some, this show is one of a kind since you can submit questions and find solutions in one of his QandAs.

Need to more deeply study expanding your individual accounting records and making a productive dental organization? The Dentist Money Show is an unquestionable requirement!

Protrusive Dental Podcast

Protrusive Dental Podcast has everything assuming that you like digital recordings with customary visitor speakers to examine the most recent clinical tips, instruction, and other hot dental points. Notwithstanding being a UK-based show, have Jaz Gulati shares an enthusiasm for dentistry that we as a whole can connect with.

Dental Wealth Podcast

Each web recording claims they can assist you with developing your business and assist you with becoming affluent, yet the Dental Wealth Podcast really sets you up to accomplish this objective. From assuming responsibility for your cash and further developing returns, this show is facilitated by Eric J. Morin, and he clarifies why most dental specialists haven't amassed abundance when they ought to have. Find that you in all actuality do have time on your side and assume responsibility for your monetary freedom today!

The Dental Business Guide

Do you intend to make a dental business realm? The Samera Business Advisors present The Dental Business Guide to carry industry specialists and figured pioneers to share how to improve and develop your dental practice.

The Dental Guys

Assuming you're enthusiastic pretty much everything dental, The Dental Guys are the digital recording for you. Has Jon and Wes cover every industry point under the sun, from the furthest down the line news to assessing the most recent clinical methods. So partake in the chuckles while you learn, and make this your main hotspot for tips and deceives to develop your training.

Prepared To Take The First Steps Toward Achieving Dental Success?

Making a dental organization that is beneficial and creates abundance requires a broad comprehension of how promoting functions, industry patterns, and how to expand your training's effectiveness without forfeiting the nature of care. Webcasts give an incredible asset of exhortation, tips, and direction to help set up DSOs and new businesses make a pathway to making progress.

To really make a monetarily autonomous dental office, you want to collaborate with industry specialists that have the experience and apparatuses to assist with getting you there. Adit gives everything from training the board answers for web architecture and SEO enhancement to representative preparing. Our group devotes itself to speeding up dental practice development. The thorough apparatuses we give focus on our basic belief of assisting our customers with tracking down progress. Connect today to get familiar with the PMS and promoting administrations we deal and solicitation a free demo.

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